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About Me

Crimson performing on stage with one band member. Both are holding electric guitars, Crimson is also singing.

Hi I'm Crimson...

Crimson is a trans, non-binary artist from Maidstone, Kent, and now thriving in the vibrant music scene of Brighton, East Sussex. Crimson’s identity encapsulates an androgynous allure that transcends norms within the indie-rock realm. Crafting narratives from the heart of intimate relationships, Crimson's lyricism is a poetic dance through the realms of heartbreak, the thrill of falling in love, and the complexities of lust.


Crimson made their debut performance at 3G Treatment's Redemption festival 2022 at The New Cross Inn. Since then they have had an amazing time performing at other venues with some of their favourites being Tunbridge Wells Forum and Hastings Pier for Pride.


Following the release of their first EP, Bittersweet (2023), they have indulged in a unique style to their music making, collaborating with new artists and genres. Within the next year you will hear sporadic releases of these experimental works, including Rush, my last release from November 2023.


My music indulges in that raw indie vibe whilst still keeping things funk and jazzy. Make sure to check out my profiles on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and more.


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